Islamic Quotes about Hope From Quran

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Islamic Quotes About Hope From Quran


Islamic Quotes About Hope

Hello Today i am sharing to all of you some Beautiful Islamic Quotes These are for Islamic Quotes About Hope and Collected from Holy Quran Quotes. So Just easily copy these Islamic Quotes and Enjoy.

Islamic Quotes about Hope From Quran

Quotes about Hope : On the other hand, the divine guarantees of justice and mercy fill the believers with the boldness necessary to with patience face the difficulties of this life. Consequently, hope in the mercy of God is a necessary a part of faith. people who believe Allaah and with patience strive to try and do what's right, have the proper to hope for His mercy, for He has promised to assist and support people who square measure patient:

“O believers, seek help in patience and prayer. Truly, Allaah is with people who are patient.” Qur’aan, 2:153 “Surely people who believed, emigrated and strove for the sake of almighty Allaah, hope for Allaah’s mercy, for Allaah is Oft-Forgiving Most-Merciful.” Qur’aan, 2:218

Of course paradise is that the reward for patience supported sincere belief in God. God informs the believers of their reward as :

“ thus announce glad tidings (of beautiful paradise) to people who are patient. Those who, once afflicted with misfortune, say: truly we belong to Allaah and to Him we'll return back to him.” Qur’aan, 2:155-6.

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